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What's startling is how general-turned-President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi seems to have dropped any pretense of holding a truly democratic vote.He has shrugged off any accusations of a return to the kind of authoritarianism that was supposed to have been buried in the past after the popular uprising that erupted seven years ago and brought down longtime autocrat Hosni Mubarak.

With one potential challenger after another arrested, quitting or being forced out of the race, the March presidential election is increasingly taking on the character of the one-candidate referendums held for decades by Egypt's authoritarian rulers.

CAIRO: To some Egyptians, it looks like the old days are back.

"The people in el-Sissi's circle have been trying to find a way out of an embarrassing one-candidate election," said Hisham Kassem, an analyst and a publisher.

"But in doing so, they risked broadening what's already a tragicomedy." In his final years, Mubarak allowed other candidates to run against him, and el-Sissi faced a challenger in 2014.

Some critics already are speculating that the next move may be to amend the constitution to remove altogether the condition that no president serves more than two four-year terms.

With not a single serious challenger left in the race, pressure mounted on one political party that already declared its support for el-Sissi to field a face-saving candidate.Last month, he was deported from the Emirates, a close Egyptian ally, and flown back to Cairo after he announced he intended to run.He was met at the airport by unidentified security men and whisked away to a suburban hotel.A significant sector of the population likely agrees with the argument — though how much is unknown, since authorities prevent most polling and have outlawed all unauthorized protests."With the departure of one more hopeful from the presidential race, the election is on the brink of losing its spirit, credibility and respect before society and the outside world," Abdullah el-Sinnawy, a one-time supporter of el-Sissi, wrote Thursday in the independent Al-Shorouk newspaper.Adult contains material of an adult nature relating to adult entertainment services.

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