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position from an attention stance, bend down on the balls of both feet then first place your left knee on the ground, then your right knee, then sit down and tuck your feet underneath you.

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Starting from a or "informal attention stance" remember, when bowing bend forward at the waist to about 45 degrees without letting your arms move or leave your side, pause for a second, then unbend.

The entire bow should take only a few seconds, but it should always be performed with the utmost courtesy and respect.

Starting with the it is the responsibility of each student to make sure that those who follow in their foot steps, do so with the highest possible level of personal behaviour.

It is very important to remember, however, that correction for acts of misbehaviour always come from the top down, not the bottom up., be sure that your feet are together, keep your legs straight, your arms should be at your sides and touching the sides of your thighs, your hands should be open and facing downward along the seam of your with your fingers and thumb together.

Since by nature we all learn by trial and error, many things will be forgiven in a dojo, but bad behaviour is definitely not one of them.

This rule applies to every student within the dojo society regardless of their rank, in fact the higher the rank, the less tolerance there is for any breach of etiquette what so ever.

It is important to learn to breath not just with the upper portion of your lungs but also from your lower abdomen or hara as the Japanese call it.

Your "hara" is the lowest part of you abdomen and is located approximately three fingers widths below your navel.

Should you ever find yourself entering or leaving the dojo with a large group of students, do not push or shove, but instead patiently wait your turn.

If the opportunity presents its self always allow those senior students in the group to enter or exit the dojo first, since in a karate dojo everything is dictated by your rank within the dojo society.

By learning to breath from here you will develop greater power and speed as your karate training progresses.

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