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It is believed this "dog" type was so common, it eventually became the prototype of the category "hound".

This semantic shift may be compared with in German, where the corresponding words Dogge and Hund kept their original meanings.

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Most pets will display one or more of these symptoms of illness at some point during their lives, but there isn't always a need to rush them directly to the vet.

Symptoms that only last a day and do not seem severe may simply need to run their course.

So, since acquiring your pet, you've followed a regular health care program, including giving your dog veterinary recommended vaccinations and routine de-worming, combined with a balanced diet and plenty of exercise.

This means you should never have to deal with a sick dog, right? Even the most cared for canines will occasionally display symptoms of illness, and these signs can range from fairly mild to severe, depending on their cause.

While there are possible causes listed for specific symptoms, this doesn't confirm your pet has a particular illness, and there may be other causes not listed for each specific symptom.

Your vet will consider your dog's symptoms and perform any testing necessary to give you the most complete and accurate diagnosis.This influence on human society has given them the sobriquet "man's best friend".) was the general word for all domestic canines, and dog referred to a subtype of hound, a group including the mastiff.The process of birth is "whelping", from the Old English word hwelp; the modern English word "whelp" is an alternative term for puppy.and under this genus he listed the dog-like carnivores including domestic dogs, wolves, and jackals.The key to deciding whether veterinary intervention is in order lies in recognizing the symptoms and having a general idea of their causes.

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