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There was never any more inception than there is now, Nor any more youth or age than there is now, And will never be any more perfection than there is now, Nor any more heaven or hell than there is now.

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After moving in with her boyfriend, Cora discovers she's pregnant and immediately all her dreams are shattered as she becomes a pregnant housewife who is eventually dumped by her passionate but slovenly boyfriend.

Ellen on the other hand is strait-laced and level-headed; a budding cartoonist with prospects to run her own business alongside her colleague Stanley (James Nesbitt).

The film was screened at the Toronto International Film Festival on 17 September 1999 Cora (Bonham Carter) is an aspiring biochemist and struggling single mother.

She and Ellen (Mc Kee), a shy divorced cartoonist, strike an unlikely friendship amidst their own personal betrayals and secrets.

I wish I could translate the hints about the dead young men and women, And the hints about old men and mothers, and the offspring taken soon out of their laps.

I mind how once we lay such a transparent summer morning, How you settled your head athwart my hips and gently turn'd over upon me, And parted the shirt from my bosom-bone, and plunged your tongue to my bare-stript heart, And reach'd till you felt my beard, and reach'd till you held my feet.I guess it must be the flag of my disposition, out of hopeful green stuff woven.Urge and urge and urge, Always the procreant urge of the world.Women Talking Dirty is a 1999 Scottish comedy film starring Helena Bonham Carter and Gina Mc Kee.It is an adaptation of the novel Women Talking Dirty, written by Isla Dewar who wrote the screenplay as well.Despite her mother's attempt to talk Ellen into dumping Daniel, Ellen decides to accept Daniel's marriage proposal and soon weds him, delighted with his wedding gift of a purple velvet Victorian style couch.

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