Demigod achievements not updating

Azgalor struck the idol with his polearm, Spite, infusing it with fel energy.The explosion of fel energy from the corrupted statue killed Anessa, who was trying to save her father.

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After studying the idol, he decided that it would be best if Broll left the idol with him in Darnassus.

Broll Bearmantle, along with Valeera Sanguinar, continued to accompany the warrior king until they assisted him in bringing the broodmother Onyxia to justice and returned Varian to his rightful throne; thus becoming a trusted friend in the process.

Unfortunately, Broll's rage had made his powers dangerous and chaotic; almost causing a natural disaster had Lo'Gosh not knocked him out with a stick.

After the battle, Broll discovered that the corrupted Idol of Remulos had been retrieved by the Thistlefur furbolgs, corrupting them.

After working together as gladiators to win the Crimson Ring tournament, Broll aided and accompanied Lo'Gosh in his escape from servitude.

With Lo'Gosh's strategies and Broll's power over nature, the two later aided the Silverwing Sentinels in defending Warsong Gulch from the Warsong Outriders.As an experienced druid with the mark of greatness and sharing a personal connection, Broll was asked by his shan'do's beloved, Tyrande Whisperwind, to help her find a way to return Malfurion's dreamform to his body, as Elune had revealed to her that he was dying.Fandral Staghelm was leading the archdruids to heal the ailing second World Tree as the only means to find Malfurion, but Tyrande had quickly realized that would take too long.Bloodfist, however, was soon after assassinated and Rehgar found himself without a leader for his team before the Crimson Ring tournament.The answer to his problems came in the form of an incredibly skilled amnesiac human warrior nicknamed Lo'Gosh who was later revealed to be none other than King Varian Wrynn.After the death of the Lich King Arthas Menethil, Teldrassil became ill and the Emerald Nightmare had grown substantially in strength.

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