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In this example, the user wants to create an alias for the command parameter.To do this, the first command creates a function called CD32 that contains the Set-Location command.Note, however, that all modern browsers handle this on the client without issue.

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The following are examples of the same content directory and what the eventual URL structure will be when Hugo runs with its default behavior.

See Content Organization for more details on paths. Benefits of canonicalization include fixing all URLs to be absolute, which may aid with some parsing tasks.

This command uses the same format as the command in the previous example, but it omits the optional parameter names, .

This example demonstrates that you can create aliases for executable files and elements other than cmdlets.

To make the command more generic, you can use the Windir environment variable ($) to represent the C\Windows directory.

The generic version of the command is These commands show how to assign an alias to a command with parameters, or even to a pipeline of many commands.

Example 1: Create an alias for a Get-Child Item This command creates the alias list for the Get-Child Item cmdlet.

After you create the alias, you can use list in place of Get-Child Item at the command line and in scripts.

Example 2: Create an alias and omit parameter names This command associates the alias list with the Get-Location cmdlet.

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