Dating your college roommate

each morning, but that doesn't mean you can expect your roommates to be home and silent by 8 p.m. You need to be reasonable in your expectations of the people you're living with.

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Many housing officials will honor your request–if you have one–to room with a friend or acquaintance.

I often encourage students to use the start of college as a time to meet new friends rather than to cling to the safety of the old.

You're going to do things that irritate each other. So, take a deep breath, and remember that you're all only human. When they do, kindly remind your roommates of your requests. A simple reminder with a friendly tone should do the trick.

Question: After you apply to college and have been accepted, how can you arrange who will become your roommate?

So, take the time to set up a special time to talk.

Whether you head out for a coffee date or go for a long walk, pick a specific date and time for your conversation.

I hate to break the news to you, but you're going to have arguments.

Your roommates won't always respect your rules, and you won't always respect theirs.

But no matter how close you are with your roommates, those fun moments will inevitably be punctuated with at least some drama and a few disagreements. But, that doesn't mean they didn't involve their fair share of discussions and disagreements.

Having those awkward conversations about boundaries right off the bat can save you many heated arguments and headaches down the road. Setting boundaries with your roommates is crucial, but not necessarily easy.

These days, many matches are made by computer but–at some schools–there is a human element, as well.

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