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This week, a woman who dated actor Aziz Ansari went to to complain he continually made advances despite her “non-verbal cues” that she wasn’t interested.

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Perhaps when we began accusing men publicly, calling on the Internet crowds to save us, like so many damsels in distress or worse—mademoiselles who cannot speak, let alone fight, for ourselves.

When women who are in no physical harm proceed this way, they signal that they cannot handle men on their own. Better to consult the new “heads of household” for permission: an HR rep or employment attorney.

In the social shambles left by #Me Too, we seem utterly unsure of the rules of engagement between the sexes, except this one: men should be wary of us.

Women who fought for equal footing in the workplace have become, as tort law would have it, an attractive nuisance.

Only then would he discover whether he’d won the round or fallen flat, bloody but unbowed.

“Unwanted sexual advance” describes practically every date I’ve ever had with a man I wasn’t interested in.So, while on the Twitters today (you can find me at @Cee NCrumpets), there was an article floating around written by one of “Black Twitter’s Elite Idiots”. ” A glimpse of my timeline showed me, sadly, there are other guys out here who feel this way.Some guy name Ice wrote an article entitled “10 Reasons Black Guys Prefer White Girls”. And I by no means am knocking ANYONE’S dating preference.Nightline is also 100% safe and secure- with our block/report feature you are always able to control who is able to connect with you.Once you find someone you want to connect with, you can send them a message, or live free chat- it is completely up to you how far you want to go! Then, I started thinking “This is just HIS opinion, this isn’t ALL black males, right????

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