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I hope you find this blog to be as helpful to you in reading it as is to me in writing it.This section covers some of the lesser known failed predictions and changed date doctrine of the Watchtower Society.

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In 1876, Russell became interested in time prophecy, after reading a copy of Barbour's publication Herald of the Morning.

The end had not come in 1874, as the Adventists had predicted.

Many of the date prophecies were re-explained between 19; the remainder were adjusted in 1943.

Rutherford even dismissed the majority of his own 1900's predictions.

Relegated to a footnote on page 133 is the statement that; "A clearer understanding of Biblical chronology was published in 1943, in the book "The Truth Shall Make You Free" and it was then refined the following year in the book "The Kingdom Is at Hand," as well as in later publications.

Scant mention is made of the incredible list of dates that had been abandoned.

If you would like to have Doug speak at your church, meetup or other event you can contact him here. I was a member of the Jehovah's Witnesses for twenty-three years of my life.

I finally realized that they didn't have "the truth" and I left the organization.

However, Barbour explained that Matthew meant Jesus' invisible presence commenced in 1874, the rapture would be 1878, and the end of the world was to occur in 1914.

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