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The outboard motor business in the 50s was like the computer business in the 80s and early 90s - everybody and their brother was selling outboards.

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There is an exception to the off-brand recommendation, however.

Everyone has heard of Evinrude and Johnson, the two OMC brand names, but until 1963, there was a third division of OMC selling outboards, the Gale division.

New replacement parts are hard to come by, expensive, and usually are NOS (New-old stock) meaning the stuff has been laying on shelves for 40 or 50 years and maybe it will work and maybe not.

Parts-engines are the usual source of parts for this type of engine, and you may need to have three or four parts engines laying around to have the parts you need.

Most of these were made by OMC, and in some, but not all, cases are almost carbon-copies of Evinrudes and Johnsons.

For example, if you run across a 50s 5 hp outboard with full forward-neutral-reverse gearshift, and wearing the Brooklure name (sold by the Spiegel catalog people made famous on Lets make a Deal), you have found an engine very similar to the Johnyrude (outboard collector term) 5 1/2 hp.Eska pretty much took over the wholesale end of the outboard business after the Gale division of OMC ceased producing outboards in 1964 and evolved into OMCs sterndrive division.Most of the Sears Gamefisher and Ted Williams outboards are Eskas, but not all. After you pick yourself up off the floor after hearing that revelation, I would like to point out that, relatively speaking, they are no more expensive than they ever were.My father bought a brand-new 7.5 hp Mercury in 1975 for 0.00 A comparable outboard today would cost about 3 times that much, just as the brand-new 1978 Ford F150 4-wheel-drive pick-up that I almost bought for ,900.00 would, today, cost at least three times as much.I would not recommend that anyone other than a collector purchase a 50s or even a 60s Mercury.

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