Dating someone with hearing problems

5 Breast cancer patients with depression do not live as long other breast cancer patients.

16 - 20 Mild depression indicated Seek assistance from mental health professional and/or a physician.

People with scores in this range usually have a mild clinical depression that should be addressed.

Instructions: Read the list of ways you may have felt.

Please indicate how often you have felt this way during the past week: rarely or none of the time, some or a little of the time, occationally or a moderate amount of time, or most or all of the time.

Depression can be a very important mental issue for cancer patients.

It is estimated that 16-25% of cancer patients develop depression.

29 There are several categories of depression with major depression being the most noticeable type.

Major depression is defined as at least five of the following symptoms for two weeks or more: 30 Watch the entire interview with Tony La Rocco.

2627 Doctors do not recognize about 35% of these cases and many patients remain untreated.

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