Dating site chicken and egg problem 10 rules of dating my son

“There are things to learn from all successful companies in adjacent spaces,” he says.Here’s a quick look at the science behind some of the most well-known social networks, and how they cracked the philosophical egg.It bypassed the chicken-and-egg problem because it started off as something that anyone could do by themselves: click twice to post anything on a blog.

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Hashable helps users make introductions and track their connections and relationships through “people checkins,” using Twitter hashtags and e-mail.

Without publicity, Hashable’s private user base grew by itself to more than 5,000 members before the app officially launched.

“But this is quickly spreading outside of that.” The challenge of all social software is breaking out from tech insider circles and into the mainstream.

Using the techniques that successful social networks have employed to break free of the chicken-egg dilemma, it’s possible to repeat science and build an early adopter following.

Many of those accounts belong to the old mockers, moms and technoramuses who now talk about tweets on cable news — people who never would have adopted Twitter before the network effect took hold.

Twitter solved its chicken/egg conundrum by focusing on acquiring tech-savvy early adopters who were influential among geeks.At the end of the day, however, in order to reach the mainstream, a social app has to have mainstream appeal.All the right techniques used with the wrong product is like a henhouse full of sick birds.How does a new site like Hashable get past the chicken dilemma, when others can’t?Hashable CEO Michael Yavonditte says he “looked at all the successful networks” when designing his product.It was immediately useful because the user base was instantly robust, and the site had features that facilitated interaction, keeping users coming back.

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