Dating show china

A male candidate is then bought out and required to perform a talent to impress the hundred member live audience.

He needs at least 70 votes to pass onto the next stage, where the self introductions and questions begin.

A new dating show is sparking huge controversy online after inviting bachelors' parents to judge if a candidate is a good match for their son, leaving the audience questioning whether Chinese men are overindulged and their families meddle too much in marriage.

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Furthermore, prior to entering university, dating is frowned upon.

Thus, dating shows filled with beautiful, charming and successful contestants are all the rage in 2011/12.

It involves five single men, who are required to stay in a separated room offstage while watching a monitor as their parents interact with the single women.

During the process, family members can press the light in front of them if they are satisfied with the candidates.

When asked to describe their ideal daughter-in-law, parents almost unanimously agreed that she should be hardworking, intelligent, pretty and caring. For example, the mother of a 23-year-old Tianjin native Zhao Haoran insisted that her son should not marry someone with cold hands, alleging that such a woman may give birth to unhealthy babies.

Only one family said their son's preference would come first.The show culminated when a contestant, Lin Jiali, stepped onto the stage with her homemade soup, seemingly winning the hearts of all the family members and the bachelors.However their attitude changed dramatically when Lin revealed that she is, 40 years old, divorced and has a son.As a result, the current twenty year olds in China are mostly proud, successful and well loved by their parents.Since they are the sole descendants, the family wealth is taken for granted to be theirs.Its harsh comments, materialistic girls and brutal rejections is what defines this show.

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