Dating service for college

Another red flag is the lack of testimonials from student users, and the disturbing tags of results that are visible once you search your college state on the home page.

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The campus dating scene is simultaneously amusing as it is confusing.

In between all of the demanding classes and other commitments we have to worry about as busy collegiettes, our dating lives shouldn’t have to be complicated.

Although you may be looking to permanently settle down with someone, many collegiettes are just looking to date or have a casual boyfriend without any immediate expectations of marriage.

Since many of the users are over 30, starting a family may be a very real expectation, and you won’t want to lead anyone on if you’re just looking for someone to watch OITNB with on a Saturday night.

The next time you’re really bored, we bet you could search through the website and pick out handfuls of punctuation mistakes. Match Even though Match is a reputable site with adorable testimonies from happy couples, we wouldn’t recommend using the site as a collegiette.

A large portion of users are over 30, meaning the odds of finding a cutie that knows the ups and downs of campus life are slim.

Zoosk is a dating site that uses a specialty behavioral matchmaking technology, which is a program designed by the site to make sure your matches are catered to your specific needs and desires.

In return, you won’t have to worry about scrolling through a bunch of matches that might live near you, but don’t share the same behavior traits and preferences as you do.

Collegiettes looking to meet other students to go on casual dates.

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