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Attempts have been made to talk to [name deleted] without success, repeated messages are being left. Wnet [Went] to Universal Sportings in Miami – business discontinued. Remington, .12 gauge Shotgun, Model 870, serial number T019755M.

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Ruger Revolver Model Single Six, 3 screw .22 caliber with additional .22 magnum cylinder. As new condition, 6 1/2" barrel and adjustable sights. Nice Ruger revolver, old model Bearcat, .22 caliber, serial number 495xx, and fairly early 1962 production with a 4 inch barrel. Several dings and scratches on barrel, dings on front site blade, the cylinder is roll stamped with Puma and Bear, 99% blue.

Was sent back to Ruger Factory for safety upgrade and returned with yellow box and old model parts in Ruger bag. Gun has slight barrel end wear, nice walnut grips but L. The hammer is 100% blue with bright sides, which is proper.

There is some pitting in places due to improper storage but I believe most can be polished out. for any Ruger SR9 Semi-auto pistols manufactured between October 2007 and April 2008 bearing serial number prefix "330" (330-xxxxx Example).

They claim that some of these pistols can, under certain conditions, fire if dropped with the manual safety in the "Off" or "Fire" position.

On November 28, 1978, a list of 32 guns was received from the State Department, and a trace was started.

On November 28, 1978, S/A [name deleted], FBI, San Francisco, was contacted and allowed this agent to review their files pertaining to the People’s Temple.The interview revealed [name deleted, likely Mills] is an ex-member of People’s Temple and that she defected from the church and set up the Freedom House in order to help any other members who wanted to defect. Winchester Rifle, .243 caliber, serial number 72-24208, registered to [name deleted], Redwood Valley, Ukiah, California, DOB: [identifying information deleted] Date of Purchase March 9, 1977. She picked up the gun and ammunition the day before leaving for Guyana. Sears & Roebuck, Model 54, .30-30 caliber, serial number 273810, registered to , Date of Transfer August 22, 1977, OCA 0480700. H&R Model 922, 9 shot revolver, .22 caliber, serial number K8657, no state or Federal records for this period of time, manufactured in 1950, to Crown Jewelry, Mazoola [Missoula], Montana. This weapon was licensed to her to carry in a concealable manner. Smith & Wesson, .38 caliber, serial number 13K8953, Date of Transfer September 23, 1977, OCA G803902.The staff of the Freedom House conducted interviews with ex-members and provided safe houses. 21 revolver, .22 caliber, serial number 48805, registered to , Date of Transfer June 28, 1975, sold by Rod’s Liquor and Sprots [Sports], Ukiah. [name deleted] of Yokayo Rifle Shop, where the gun was purchased, taught her how to shoot the weapon and advised he knew it was going to Guyana. Browning Slide Action Carbine, .30-06 caliber, serial number 75866M9, registered to [name deleted], San Francisco, California, DOB: [identifying information deleted] Date of Purchase September 16, 1969 from Roos-Atkins, San Francisco. On December 5, 1978, delivered three weapons to the San Francisco Police Department indicating that the weapons were in his possession for a considerable time and belonged to the People’s Temple. Smith & Wesson, .38 caliber, serial number 636J9, which was registered to [name deleted]. note: This weapon was previously listed, in the immediately-preceding paragraph] 2.This list will be used to compare the names of People’s Temple members who might have purchased firearms. A check with AFS/CII, Sacramento, California revealed that [name deleted], spoksman [spokesman] for the People’s Temple has purchased the following handguns: 1.On December 4, 1978, this Agent received from the SAC a partial list of the guns found in Guyana, the list contained 31 firearms found. On December 5, 1978, this Agent interviewed [name deleted, likely Jeannie Mills aka Deanna Mertle] of the Freedom House, [address deleted], Berkeley, California reference firearms and explosives. Smith & Wesson revolver, 6″ barrel, .38 caliber, serial number S820402, to Universal Hardward [Hardware], Los Angeles, California on April 2, 1946, no records available. Olin Winchester Signal Flare Launcher, .25mm, serial number 029432, no model number – unable to check. Colt Automatic Pistol, .25 caliber, serial number 318752, sold to Montana Hardware, Butte, Montana 1922, no records. Winchester, Model 88 Rifle, .308 caliber, serial number 82976, firearm manufactured in 1959, no disposition records kept by Winchester. Sturm-Ruger, .357 caliber, serial number 15120167, Date of Transfer February 22, 197[5] 1975, OCA G173064. Smith & Wesson, .38 caliber, revolver, serial number 636J9, Date of Transfer May 10, 1977, OCA F061061.[name deleted], according to [name deleted], was knowledgeable about the guns purchased by the People’s Temple, however she was only being interviewed through her attorney [name deleted], San Francisco. The third weapon was a Smith & Wesson, Chief Special, .38 caliber, serial number J142065, registered to [name deleted], San Francisco.

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