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codes for dating purposes were not used until after the war. My guess is that you will find a patent pending or patent number stamp on the treble side pickup mount surrounding the height adjustment nut. If this number is not found on the pot, it is probably pre-war. The case shown is a hard, guitar shaped one with a molded, arched top. The only other piece of information that would be helpful would be patent pending or patent number on the pickup.

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As on the "Fry-pan" they all featured an electromagnetic "Horse-shoe-magnet"-pick-up, invented not by Mr. "Bakelite"), black in color (much like the old telephones), a concept for which the company immediately filed and received a patent. This was the first electric solid body instrument with this feature ever (a feature they seem to have forgotten to file a patent for...

Oooops).1 or 2 controls: If two, they're located on opposite plates, not both on the treble side plate.

The company says to have no records of any of these. The neck was solid cast aluminum and the string spacing similar as on a B7., please keep in mind that the early Rickenbacher company was a young enterprise in a brand new industry.

Parts as control knobs, screws and especially tuning machines seem to have been put on these guitars as they came available...

Richard: I am wondering about your assessment of the date of manufacture of this instrument pictured below.

Model B 7 strings were first manufactured in 1940 and perhaps only in 1940 as far as I know. An interesting side note, the name plates on the guitar and amplifier say "RICKENBACHER" which I saw as the trademark in their '31-'32 catalog, even though it was spelled Rickenbacker in the body of the catalog.

7 string models are built out of a 6 string body and neck, Thus the string spacing on 7 string models is narrower, which makes slants a little more difficult.

Rickenbacker has even used 6 string necks for some of their 8 string models, which are really "no-slanters" (IMNSHO) as the string spacing becomes very narrow.10 string models were built on special order only.

There is a single volume control knob, no tone adjustment knob.

Seven string models were definitely offered as early as 1936 or 1937.

Some of these latest models had a little cover over the head stock... They had all the features of a BD-model, just in a different color, much similar to some old bakelite radio cabinets of that time. These were called the BRONSON model and sold without the Rickenbacker label.

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