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Look for Tissot, Swatch, Zenith and Seiko, among many other designs.Look for the stalls on the second and third floors of the mall for literally thousands of designs and varieties of fashion watch.

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Grainger reticulated wares of this quality are becoming quite hard to find.

Royal Worcester continued to produce extremely high quality Grainger china at the St Martin’s Gate factory (then called the Royal China Works) right up until 1902.

On your next shopping trip to Bangkok, don’t miss shopping for watches at these places.

You’ll find gorgeous designer and fashion watches at often great prices.

During this period the Grainger reticulated porcelain was mostly the work of Alfred Barry.

He produced pierced wares with quite a distinct and incredibly beautiful curvilinear design (Figure 3).

Robert Chamberlain, the head of the decorating department for Dr John Wall the founder of the Worcester porcelain company, established his own company at Warmstry House, King Street, Worcester.

This new company initially painted blanks manufactured by other companies, but steadily expanded into the manufacture of his own wares.

Cartier in Bangkok – One of the most exclusive watch companies is, of course, Cartier and there are two beautiful Cartier showrooms in Bangkok.

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