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Do you know of current Metro Vancouver filming locations that aren’t listed here? View Past Vancouver Filming Locations For a full list of movies and TV shows that are filming in Vancouver/British Columbia right now and what their neon code signs are, check out our In Production page.Usually while planning dates or romantic trips we like to stick to our own city.It offers one of the most magnificent and surreal views of the city from its highest point.

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Today you are going to read about a city that has fantastic locations for dates and is also one of the busiest towns of the country.

Vancouver is situated on the West Coast of British Columbia and is also known for its ethnically diverse culture.

You can get creative, take advantage of Vancouver's natural beauty, and use this list to help you find the best inexpensive dates ideas in Vancouver.

Locations are added based on info posted via Twitter, locations we’ve found or been made aware of.

Dating and romance in Vancouver, British Columbia, do not have to be expensive.

There is no rule that says you have to splurge on white tablecloths at a swank ​Vancouver fine dining establishment that might render you penniless.

The attraction focuses on various science-themed events and activities.

It can be the ideal way to spend your day and learn more about the universe at the same time.

In case you are a fitness freak and also want to experience the spectacular views of the city then hiking at the Eagle’s Bluff is worth a shot.

These amazing rocky slopes are situated above the Eagle Harbourin West Vancouver.

The restaurant is also one of the most preferred dating locations for the locals.

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