Dating like buddha

Ananda had made his point, and the Buddha relented.

Pajapati and her 500 followers would be the first Buddhist nuns.

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She also says that “every good Buddhist” knows that the Buddha was yellow, which (I admit) I did not actually know.

(Another spoiler: it’s not true: he was Indian and would have had brown skin.) I’m going to go out on a limb and say that “the Buddhists” (taken as a whole) don’t actually say that when you meet your soul mate you’ll feel calm.

And whatever his intentions, the Buddha was certainly wrong about one thing - his prediction about the survival of the teachings.

It's been 25 centuries, and the teachings are still with us.

Then they will see one another not only in the present life but also in the life to come.” In some rare dating advice he pointed out that one who gambles “is not sought after for matrimony,” although this was in the context of arguing against gambling rather than saying what one should do to get hitched.

The source of our quote is a novel by Monica Drake, published in 2007, called “Clown Girl” (page 57).

When the orders of nuns died out in India and Sri Lanka centuries ago, conservatives used the rules calling for nuns to be present at nuns' ordination to prevent the institution of new orders.

Attempts to begin nuns orders in Tibet and Thailand, where there had been no nuns before, met with enormous resistance.

Obviously this is not described as a quote from the Buddha, who was not noted for being a fount of dating advice.

In fact Buddhists generally are not noted for talking about “soul mates.” The word “soul” doesn’t sit very easily within a tradition that teaches that we have no permanent essence, or atman (Pali, atta).

However, ordaining female disciples was a not revolutionary step.

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