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She's got a big healthy sense of self-confidence and is attracted to the same.

Her nature is very giving, and she gives to herself most of all.

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I'm curious to hear about others' experience with and thoughts on Leos, so do share.

And remember to wish the important ones in your life a happy birthday this month!

This is ultimately why Leos rarely date other Leos.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the sign in a nutshell according to me.

What makes this astrological idiosyncrasy so interesting is that Leos of both sexes do, in fact, share the same character traits.

But because they manifest themselves so differently in men than they do women, Leo boys and Leo girls end up being polar opposites!

This isn't because they're shy or insecure, but rather because they're so secure with themselves that they have no real need for the approval of others.

Despite their differences, Leos do gravitate to Leos of the opposite gender for friendship.

The Leo woman has a regal air and a good-natured bigness to her personality.

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