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In February 2008, Morrison and The Miz were given a streaming segment on named The Dirt Sheet in which they mocked other wrestlers and facets of pop culture.

Morrison and The Miz co-wrote each episode of The Dirt Sheet each week, and he credits his time in college studying film with contributing to the success of the show.

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The Nitro name, which finally stuck, was a reference to WCW Monday Nitro, the flagship show of World Championship Wrestling for which Bischoff had previously worked.

To drive the point home, he began using the Nitro theme as his ring entrance music.

He is also the second Triple Crown Champion in the company's history, having held the Lucha Underground Championship, the Gift of the Gods Championship and the Trios Championship once each. and Brian Cage) won the 2016 Lucha Libre World Cup, and is a former Mega Champion as well as a former Latin American and World Cruiserweight Champion (being the first in history to hold the three titles simultaneously).

Hennigan also debuted for Impact Wrestling, participating in the main event match for the 2017 Bound for Glory pay-per-view.

he began taking part in a "15 Minutes of Fame" segment on the weekly ECW on Sci Fi television program, where if a wrestler could either defeat him or last 15 minutes without being defeated, they would earn a title shot.

The first wrestler to do so was CM Punk, Though rivals, Morrison and The Miz faced the dysfunctional tag team of Matt Hardy and Montel Vontavious Porter on the November 16 episode of Smack Down!

Not long after, Nitro and Melina were joined by Joey Mercury, forming the stable MNM. MNM held the titles for three months, having successful titles defenses against the teams of Mysterio and Guerrero and Hardcore Holly and Charlie Haas, before dropping them to the Legion of Doom (LOD) at The Great American Bash.

MNM wrestled in OVW for around a year, holding the OVW Southern Tag Team Championship once, before losing the titles to Cappotelli and Johnny Jeter in January 2005. until they dropped the championship to London and Kendrick at Judgment Day in May 2006, with the storyline leading to Nitro and Melina suddenly turning on Mercury after the match, breaking up the group.

is an American professional wrestler, actor and traceur, who currently wrestles for Impact Wrestling under the ring name Johnny Impact.

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