Dating headshots a scam

This means that if you accidentally fail to opt out of renewal services on the website, will charge you for another 6 months of service and you will not be able to get a refund. As a child of the times, I know very well that any company with some decency will allow you to cancel a subscription. Yes they might charge you a fee for the troubles, which I'd be happy to pay for, but to simply keep ALL my money for a future 6-month service I haven't even used in the last 4 months and will not be using for the next 6 months is just comparable to legal daylight robbery.

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Even though sometimes it's hard to filter through it to find truly interesting people.

My beef with comes from the last two days' interaction.

I called customer service to ask for a refund because I spent $65 and after spending a few minutes on the site I went through all my matches in my area which were a bunch of guys that didn't meet the criteria I'm looking for.

Why would I be matched with a bunch of guys that select "definitely don't want kids" and I put in my section I'm looking for a guy that "does want kids".

I have also found a Youtube video by ABC News saying that was F-rated by the Better Business Bureau for lack of transparency and contractual loopholes. My subscription ends, I log in and lo and behold - There is a WHOLE NEW GROUP OF PEOPLE THAT NOW I CAN'T CONTACT! It’s not like it was 2 days before the end of the month and I wanted a refund. Then, after the cancellation, an offer immediately pops up offering to reduce the regular price of $39.99 to $14.99 and the offer would stay on the table until the day the subscription ends.

I signed up for 3 months, I had no luck, and no matter what parameters I changed... I thought I had cancelled my renewal (but it's actually NOT very easy to do) and it automatically renewed me. I was charged and cancelled the same day since I no longer need the membership anymore and they won’t allow me my money back. In my case, knowing ahead of time that one month was enough, and a few weeks later that I observed that not many new members were subscribing, I ignored not to accept the 1/2 off offer at the end of my subscription.I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told "supervisors do not get involved with billing disputes." Myself being a retired cop and now criminal defense attorney I next made a complaint with the FTC and BBB.Now, .99 may not be a lot of money, however, when you multiply that amount by hundreds, likely thousands, with many victims unaware of their rights to dispute a charge to their respective credit card, makes a ton of money.I will also be actively looking for forums on people talking about you and I will share my views. I'll file a lawsuit even for such a small amount just because this is a terrible business practice. I joined for a month and nothing really came out of my .99 I spent.For everyone out there thinking about using these kinds of services, well, you have been warned. I got at MAX 6 one day, and now I can't read them and I have 129??? I cancelled and am no longer using the site but I got charged .99 again and it says I have the membership till the end of this month but I won’t be using it.Well, this morning I found out that I was charged for one more 6-month subscription and when I contacted them by phone about that, I met the evil legal side of

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