Dating forum site updated december 1st 2016 cerys matthews dating

Here is a screen grab from GWT showing some the search queries my site now appears on.

These are the current rankings of the site AFTER the release of Panda 4.0 on (USA).

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Matthew asked me to do this post a couple of weeks back.

While I agreed to do it, I was a little hesitant due to the predicted May Penguin update.

What we want are long tails based on these core terms.

Things like: Use the Google LPI to assist you with this part, perform a load of manual searches pulling up all the LSI and making a note of them on a spreadsheet.

In fact the site is earning more now because lots of competitors got slapped with the recent update.

Before I go into more detail about what I did & more specifically how I did it, I wanted to show you the results after 4 months blackhat SEO spam link building using nothing but GSA Search Engine Ranker.Lots of people are going crazy in forums right now claiming that duplicate content & link spam doesn’t work anymore – this case study proves them wrong.My name is Nick Joleson & I run Noob I’ve spent a bit of time ranking blackhat SEO spam websites & wanted to share my experience with you.I wasn’t sure when/if it arrived my pure spam site would survive.So it felt strange to write a case study on a site that may no longer rank by the time the post was published.Don’t waste your time with anything under a pop.

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