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These Bumble conversation tips and topics will help you get that first message, and turn the conversation into a date!Starting a conversation on a dating app can be just as hard for women as it is for you.Here are some simple ways to do it: She’s more than likely exchanging messages with multiple guys at a time, so you want to move the conversation off the app and into real life before another guy captures her interest.

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Guys can “extend” one match per day, which adds another 24 hours to the count down clock.

She’ll know you’re still interested, and that could prompt her to reach out.

Add an example like one of these to your Bumble bio: When that first message rolls in, you’ve got to grab the reins and run with it.

What you say in response will of course depend on what’s in her message, but generally you’ll want to acknowledge what she wrote, then ask her a question.

But there’s a simple way to make it easy for her to reach out – just ask her a question in your bio!

End your Bumble profile with a “challenge question” like this: Now, if she wants, she can just send a message answering your question.

Asking a question each time you message her is key, as that makes it easier for her to respond to you.

If she’s in a rush and has to put a lot of thought into her next message, she might just skip it.

Ask her out by saying something like this: If you’d rather get her number, you could ask for it this way: Once you’ve got her digits, check out this article on how to text a girl.

Women have to send the first message within 24 hours of matching, or the connection expires.

Just like the challenge question in your bio, you should always ask entertaining questions that have fairly specific answers, so she can dash off a reply – no heavy thinking required.

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