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Donald Glover, better known in these parts as Childish Gambino, has been in the public eye for much of his adult life.He started by going viral in 2006: Derrick Comedy's "Bro Rape" was part of a body of work that would land Glover a writing gig with Through his comedy, interviews, and very personal style of music, Glover has shared a fair amount of insight about his life.

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Now, a lot of these differences require taking the time to know someone to figure out if the apple of your eye is indeed a mature woman, or someone with an immature mindset.

However, one of the quickest filters that you can notice from the beginning is this: 11.

And if you can’t spot the difference just yet, here are some pointers. This often consists of screaming, pouting, giving the silent treatment, being passive aggressive and/or punishing.

A woman still feels the emotions of being upset/displeased, but has cultivated the skill of responding versus reacting.

Here is an example of how this checklist may look: Hot, popular, wears skinny jeans, over 6 feet tall, rich..

This is the checklist of what a woman may look for: High integrity, intelligent, kind, good communicator, emotionally available…Again, many points on this post would apply if you switched the genders around. I’m referring to maturity, life vision and stage of life.In fact, some people regardless of their age, will never really grow up.Recently, I wrote a post on “The 11 Difference Between Dating a Boy vs a Man“.The post can have the genders swapped and most points would still apply.“After spending time with a girl, you feel exhausted because she takes more than she gives.

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