Dating an raf man

If anyone remembers him, please can they get in touch. 1951 - 53 Kabrit Egypt I served there from December 51 until March 53, a National Service Commission.Had a great time in 29 Sqd LAA Also was a member of the RAFGSA flying Tutors and Cadets at the weekend.RAF Fairlight and RAF Grangewood I am a local historian and am compiling as much material as possible on RAF Fairlight and the sister station RAF Grangewood (both 60 Signals Group). Haydon Luke CHANGI Memories Three names on this site conjure memories. where I became an Assistant Air Traffic Controller. Would love to meet up with any of the girls who joined up at Spitalgate around about May 1961 and took part in the Unveiling of Lord Trenchards Memorial (Trained with the Queens Colour Squadron at Uxbridge).

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That was less than 10 years after the first powered flight by the Wright Brothers in America.

Aircraft were a rare and fascinating sight with pilots as famous as film stars. E.2a aircraft as flown by No.2 Squadron, Royal Flying Corps, when they were the first to land in France at the start of World War One.

Whilst there are over 25 pages on this website there is in fact a lot more to read and see through interactive presentations including photographs, audio and video.

Through the presentations you will be able to read: “The work here is hugely important in so many ways.

The Montrose Air Station Heritage Centre aims to show the human side of the Air Stations past with a collection of contemporary photographs, artefacts and memorabilia.

These not only tell of the history of the airfield but also the story of the men and women who served there and those who lived in the area.

James Mc Neil I am trying to trace an RAF Technician called James Mc Neil who served in the late 1950s.

He was friends with Peter Waters and spent some time with him in Leeds.

I would like to find three speakers to contribute to this episode.

The casting I am aiming for is American who came over British person directly involved in the base Bystander affected by bases arriving Each would talk about the social aspects of a large number of Americans turning up in a small English community, and then go on to talk about the impact of one of the near nuclear misses.

Children are especially welcome and will find lots to see and experience.

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