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Check font formats, activate and deactivate fonts instantly with a click.Explore Using the Table View Font Agent’s Table View is a spreadsheet that lets you quickly explore and compare font metadata.

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) called Homesnap got its start by allowing users to snap a photo of any home in the U. in order to get all the details about it, including things like square footage, market availability, and the home’s value.

Now the company is expanding its service to Realtors, by partnering up with local MLS (Multiple Listing Services) providers, in order to bring real-time MLS data to smartphones and tablets, while also allowing Realtors to communicate with clients on the go. C.-based Sawbuck Realty, which also operates its own real estate web properties in addition to Homesnap, the mobile app first launched in spring 2012, offering a different way to browse through real estate listings, or even just get an idea about a neighborhood’s value.

It now includes WYSIWYG previews and faster sorting and display.

Click a column to sort your currently selected fonts by their traits, foundries, sizes, file formats and version numbers.

Quick Views in the All-New Tile View Use Font Agent’s Tile View to see fast thumbnails of your fonts in any size.

It’s an indispensable tool for viewing lots of fonts in a small space, or for looking at all the styles in a font family.

Auto-activate fonts as you open documents in Adobe Creative Cloud and Suite apps including In Design, Photoshop, Illustrator and In Copy—as well as Quark XPress, Microsoft Office and a world of other popular Mac apps.

Create hardcopy and PDF font samples for sharing with clients and co-workers.

Later, search by tags and keywords to find the fonts you need for any of your projects, and use them consistently.

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