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After the three reach the snowstorm-ravaged mountain, they are attacked by a Vulcan, which whisks Lucy away to its cavernous lair at the peak of the mountain.Thinking that this particular Vulcan is responsible for Macao's disappearance, Natsu chases the Vulcan to its lair and demands to know where Macao is.

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With the ship on dry land and its rocking motion gone, Natsu regains his vitality and confronts "Salamander," declaring himself to be a member of Fairy Tail, thereby exposing the Mage as an impostor.

One of the impostor's crew members reveals his name to be Bora, however, Natsu shows no interest in his identity and is only concerned with his attempt at tarnishing Fairy Tail's name.

Lucy summons Plue, The Canis Minor, and forms a contract with him.

Plue then, with Natsu interpreting, suggests that he, Lucy, and Happy form a team, to which they all agree, and do; When the team arrives in Shirotsume Town, they make their way to their client's, in this case, Kaby Melon's house, where he informs them of the mission details, and that the award amount for completing said job had greatly increased.

While picking out a job, Natsu overhears Romeo Conbolt, the son of Fairy Tail's Macao Conbolt, interrogating Makarov as to the reason why his father hasn't returned from his mission, which was stationed at Mt. Empathizing with Romeo's troubles, Natsu leaves together with Happy to find Macao.

The two are accompanied by Lucy, who is now an official member of Fairy Tail.Impassioned, Lucy disguises herself as a maid, hoping to infiltrate the mansion, however, she is rejected by mansion's owner, Everlue, for being too "ugly," and, as such, Natsu, Lucy, and Happy instead resolve to sneak into the mansion and take the book by force.The trio moves quietly about Everlue's mansion, until they are found by the miser's maids, whom Natsu easily defeats.After getting off, the two stumble across a crowd of young, love-struck women eagerly shouting the name "Salamander." Excited, Natsu breaks into the crowd but, rather than seeing a Dragon, he meets a fire Mage claiming to be named Salamander.Downtrodden that the "Salamander" wasn't Igneel, Natsu rejects an autograph from the impostor and walks away, causing the Mage's crowd of female fans to attack Natsu.While on the ship, Natsu discovers that Lucy is on board, as “Salamander” had tricked her into thinking that he could get her into Fairy Tail.

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