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In other words, just because you have been accused of a cyber sex crime does not mean you will be convicted. Traditionally the term "possess" meant to physically having the images under your control, such as having photographs or videos in your home or place of business, or intentionally viewing them at some other location. The federal statute is likely to be implicated any time images are downloaded from the internet. Luring is a crime that involves inducing a child to get into a vehicle, or to go into an isolated area or building in order to commit a crime such as compelling prostitution, incest, or promoting a sexual performance by a child. Generally, if your are charged with luring you will also face additional charges related to child sexual assault, kidnapping or prostitution. Prostitution is a sex crime that involves paying someone for sex or agreeing to pay someone for sex. In other words, promoting prostitution can include online marketing, thus making it a cyber sex crime. You will be released from custody and will be required to show up for your arraignment.

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Possessing or producing child pornography is also relatively easy with an internet connection and a webcam. For example, it is possible to solicit or promote prostitution online. It is also crime to use a computer to provide minors under the age of 17 with sexually explicit materials in order to invite the minor to perform sexual intercourse or other sexual activity. If the police believe that you may have committed a cyber sex crime, you will be arrested and taken into custody at the local police precinct.

These crimes, when committed using the internet are collectively referred to as cyber sex crimes. For example, if you tell a child to come with you to see a puppy, or that the child's parents told you to pick up the child, and then you take the child someplace commit a sex crime, you would have committed the crime of luring. This becomes a cyber sex crime if you go online and make the arrangements to meet with the prostitute, or if you actually pay for the services online. It is against the law to sell to minors indecent material. If you do so, you would have committed the crime of disseminating indecent material to minors in the first degree. At the local precinct the arresting officer will complete initial processing, including taking your photograph and fingerprints.

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