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A smitten Criss first shared a couple snaps beside his girlfriend (and their famous friends, including Celine Dion and Kylie Jenner) in late 2016, sweetly calling her "mi hermosa" and "mi amor" in the captions.

Then, a video surfaced where Belinda serenades Criss' family during a holiday dinner, with a mariachi band included.

Electronic dance music superstar and Vegas headliner Steve Aoki co-produced the single and appears in the behind-the-scenes clip.

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And just hours later, Belinda tweeted: "I'm not going to talk or give any more details about my personal life.

I'm calm, I am with my family, and at this very moment, I don't have a partner.

The video is an adventurous effort, featuring Belinda riding a wheelie on a bicycle with a unicorn head atop its Swarovski-crystal handlebars. There is a healthy use of slow-motion videography, black-and-white effects, and scenes of Belinda in a schoolgirl’s dress, Britney Spears-style. Pepper character from “Love” at The Mirage and the sand crab from “Ka” at MGM Grand.

As a subplot to this effort, Angel and Belinda had been romantically linked since July 2016, and were reportedly engaged this year.

What began as a magic trick--a pop princess floating above a crystal blue pool--is now a distant memory of a love gone wrong.

That might seem dramatic, but it is in fact how the relationship between Belinda and Criss Angel began.

Now that he’s single again, Angel will need to deal with that tattoo.

Luckily for him, “Beli” can be easily extended to read, “Believe,” which, we remember, was Angel’s mantra and the title of his show when he hit the Strip a decade ago.

28.’ Storm returns Burlesque legend Tempest Storm, recovering from a fractured right hip she suffered in a fall in an Atlanta hotel suite Aug. Storm had surgery the following day and has been in recovering in an Atlanta rehabilitation facility.

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