Consolidating loans with your spouse

You may be able to avoid this issue by filing your taxes a separately.

However, this will not be an option with the Revised Pay As You Earn Program (REPAYE). Department of Education Office of Federal Student Aid explains, payments are based on family size and income, but are also usually higher than IBR and PAYE programs; it’s possible for payments to end up being higher than on the 10-year Standard Repayment Plan.

If your husband takes out private student loans, however, it's more complicated.

"Only two private student loans -- the Sallie Mae Smart Option Loan and the New York HESC NYHELPs loan -- are discharged upon the borrower's death," says Kantrowitz.

You can also consider “Income-Contingent Repayment,” which does not require a specific income to be eligible. To learn more about the financial implications of student loans and marriage, talk to a tax specialist or financial expert.

They will be able to provide you with a more in-depth look at what might be best for your and your spouse’s specific student loan situation.

Further, if you go back to school, your spouse could be legally responsible for your debt if you fail to make payments.

This is true if he or she cosigns your loan, or if you live in a community property state and meet certain conditions that would make your spouse responsible for your debt.

Beyond the social, emotional, and religious dimensions of marriage, it can also be a great financial move.

However, it’s important that couples be honest with each other about their student loans before taking the plunge.

But in community property states, you are generally responsible for your spouse's debts even if your name is not on them.

Fortunately, the rules for student loans are different.

If you’re getting ready to get married — or are simply thinking about future possibilities — here are four things to consider about marrying someone with student loan debt.

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