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This will be different depending on the age of your child, and what you feel comfortable with. Explore the websites and apps your child uses to improve your knowledge, and take the time to read terms and conditions.

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Once your knowledge is up to scratch, teach them the basics of online safety – here’s four ideas of what to start with. Strong passwords A strong password helps protect the information in your on online profiles or accounts.

Teach your child how to choose strong passwords, by reading how to choose a good password. Information to protect online You should also talk about personal details they could share online, such as where they are and the school they attend.

How often do you use your laptop or smartphone at the dinner table? Take a look at the way you use technology while young people are around.

If you see something that troubles you – change it.

Of course, if they’re under the age minimum it’s always better that they’re honest with you about using an app or site, rather than doing it behind your back. Tips for setting up social media accounts Most social media organisations have a safety centre with tools for staying safe online.

Take a look at the safety centres of the apps or websites your child uses, and teach them how to use the tools available.This is a good way to understand how they would deal with these kinds of situations if they were to experiencing it themselves.Make sure you also talk to them about how you expect them to behave towards others online.Focus on fixing the issue, not on punishing or confiscating their devices.If you need help or advice, about any online issue you can contact Netsafe.How good is your knowledge abound online safety, privacy settings and even online shopping?

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