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I have already had about 6 different tapes put on CDs and love them all… So I would just like to say thank you for doing a wonderful job on this restoration. I just received the package in good condition and I am happy with your work. I received the CDs yesterday afternoon and am, again, very pleased with the results. When I saw the age of the records I immediately started searching for a company to do the job. Was busy so I just had chance to quickly listen to the first CD – it sounded unbelievably GREAT!! After sending my photos to Media Locks I got my finished package a little over a week later. The Quality of the sound and the picture of the cover ad play list are superb! I really thought my listing days of this service were over, then I found you on a google search. But as the saying goes, with your help, they cleaned up real nice. I can not believe the quality of the book on tape you just transferred to CD. I will recommend it to anyone who needs your services. I’ve enjoyed the great, friendly communication we have had regarding my CDs. Thanks again and I am getting VHS tapes ready to ship to you to be put on DVDs. Patricia We are enjoying our set of CDs and can hardly wait to give their sets to our adult children at Christmas! Stephanie I just wanted to let you know that I received my CD and record back safe and sound. Jennifer I received my CDs today and couldn’t be more thrilled.

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Our state of the art equipment and cutting edge technologies ensure unsurpassed CD and DVD conversion. Thank you for a wonderful and professional final set of CDs. I will contract you when I have other projects in the future! From beginning to end you guys have been wonderful. I had a couple of CDs copied before and it was such a bad experience… in your website, copying, packaging and delivery of the goods has been so impressive. The businesses today with your kind of quality are very few, unfortunately. The children will be thrilled to use these with my new CD players. Again I can’t thank you enough for such a professional and caring job you did on this very special project. I have been meaning to get back to you and let you know the CDs you created for me are great. I know you don’t need any accolades from me but it is nice to find a business that does what they promise. My order arrived today and I am very happy with the results, and the excellent customer service and communications that you provided in the course of our correspondence.

No project is too large or too small for our professionals at Media Locks. - Jarome The music came out excellent from what I have played so far. Thank you again, this is one very satisfied customer. I am really enjoying hearing this particular music again for the first time in about forty years. I received my package today and was pleasantly surprised at how professional they were made!!

I would just like to say Thank you very much for the wonderful CDs you prepared for me. My friend’s mom is no longer with us and the memory of her playing the piano is now restored forever. I want to commend you on the excellent communication and great work. I will definitely be sending you some more tapes to convert soon and will recommend you to anyone I know is looking for these services. Thank you very much for preserving an important piece of my history and memories.

Thank you very much – I was really impressed with the service. I have been and will continue to refer others to you.

I received the CDs this morning – I’m listening right now. I will recommend you to any of my friends who have some tapes they want converted. I received my CD in today’s mail and just finished playing it.

I think the CD sounds even better than the original audio cassette.

It certainly was worth every penny that I spent on transferring the records and the one VHS tape. I am now considering transferring a number of VHS Video tapes to DVDs. Thank you for letting us know that you received our order. We currently over 100 cassette messages we’d like to convert to CDs. Your website is informational, easy to understand and friendly. The CD arrived today and I am so happy to finally have songs I couldn’t find anywhere on a CD and now on my IPOD. My dad has not stopped calling me and gushing about what a great job you did. I looked on the internet and starting doing some comparative shopping. You can be sure that we will be contacting you in the future for saving our memories! Just wanted to thank you for the nice job of transferring those cassettes to CD. Thanks, I will pass the word, nobody does your service anywhere close this area, certainly will hear from me in the near future. My family will love seeing this over Thanksgiving and I will be passing your name and number around to anyone who’d like to convert any VCR tapes to DVD. I thought they were lost to us, now we can dance to them on our anniversary. I can’t thank you enough for the great job you did on the DVD! I am so happy with your work and telling everyone about you.

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