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Vanessa and Tanya stared with excitement, as Karina cut open the t-shirt, and seductively pulled it body bucked as wave after wave of orgasmic bliss came over her.

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Esmerelda got dressed and left."you are one evil woman!!

" Vanessa said after hearing the story."damn girl!!!

Tyler Perkins made his way over to the girls, and introduced himself.

DONT TICKLE HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! "Karina continued to tickle Esmerelda's sides, then went to the smooth had a nice athletic build, and made damn sure she was in top shape.

what Esmerelda never realized though, was that once her glasses were removed, and her hair was let down, she was a very pretty young lady.

her body wasnt flabby or anything, just thin and in decent shape."hehehehehehehehehehe!!!

since Tom was a near genius, Karina figured he could help her with her studies, and she was willing to pay him back, even if it meant giving the young man a blow job.

Karina felt so powerful as she tickled poor she turned a corner, a young student crashed into her, spilling root beer all over her white blouse."WHAT THE HELL??!!!!

she stared at the belly and began to lightly trace her fingers across the soft skin."ehehehehehehhehehehehehehe.....noooooo...." Esmerelda chuckled."is your tummy ticklish??


"Karina walked up to her and Esmerelda stood to meet her.

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