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‘I just wasn’t that girl who dreamed about getting married and having children. In August 1993, Anthony found another lump, in his chest; it turned out to be a relatively rare fibrosarcoma which doctors quickly removed.‘He was young – 35 – and I’d never had much experience of cancer.

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‘It was in the days before i Phones and Instagram, and we were not a family that took a lot of pictures,’ she shrugs.

Indeed, the latter pair were prized paparazzi fodder and spent their time trying to dodge long lenses.

It was suddenly in places that you couldn’t cut it out, and it was horrifying,’ she says.

‘We didn’t talk about dying, never,’ she shakes her head vigorously.

award-winning CNN foreign correspondent and a close friend of both Carole and Anthony.

‘I was out at dinner with her, long before I even wrote the memoir, and talking about a terrible date I had been on,’ Carole recalls with a wide smile.

The airy, high-ceilinged apartment is elegant and feminine, with dark wood floors, fur stoles draped over armchairs, giant vases of long-stemmed Japanese orchids and huge, heavy lamps.

There is a notable absence of photographs of her and Anthony, and of John and Carolyn.

‘I’m not in journalism any more, but I still get that craving to be in the midst of things. Any odd or interesting experience, I think, “Oh, I will do that”. ‘As far as his family went, I didn’t think about it. He used to say: “It’s not where you come from, it’s where you end up,” and we ended up in the same place.’ As she describes it: ‘Two news junkies who liked travel and the chase of a story.‘The fact that she was Lee Radziwill, sister of Jackie, didn’t really figure too much in my mind. I do remember thinking she was incredibly beautiful, though.

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