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So in all honesty we would not waste our time with a website that is not located in Cambodia but has photo's of some Cambodian ladies, we would not waste our time with sites that cannot offer females, and females from the largest city in the country.Cambodian ladies are poor and do not own computers and most cannot afford to go to internet to communicate regularly with males.And I guess it's hardly surprising given the dearth of native English speaking teachers the students were typically exposed to during their three to six year English learning experience.

But the Uni students I personally teach (my experience) has been the opposite.

Probably the dating site students were from better Uni's and/or had gone to better schools before this.

My friend doesn't have any money worries, being a retired fairly senior English public servant.

But I don't think a Cambodian graduate in her twenties would be any more expensive to maintain than a European middle-class, middle-aged woman used to regular shopping trips, holidays, cars and a decent house and lifestyle.

Not sure if their families still tend to have sick water buffalo though...

A friend of mine seems to get a steady stream of intelligent and attractive university students and graduates from this site.

And if you think a gorgeous Cambodian lady who can speak English and has a computer would be interested in you then think again.

Men who come here in search of foreign brides or for girlfriends for long lasting relationships find poor girls or ladies and ones that cannot speak English.

If you are after specific examples I guess I could offer my ex-wife.

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