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Prisons can become more dangerous when they are not adequately staffed, when inmates do not receive proper medical and mental health care, and when they do not have enough educational, religious, or substance abuse programs to occupy inmates’ time, Berg said.In a statement, a Florida Department of Corrections spokesperson said “the safety of staff and inmates is a top priority of the department.” Department officials evaluate incoming inmates to determine which of five custody levels they should be placed in to prevent violence, and reevaluate them as necessary during their sentences.The Florida Department of Law Enforcement, which is investigating the two Lake deaths, denied public records requests for documents in both cases last week, saying the investigations are still open.

She described her son as a creative and affectionate child.“He was a very loving kid,” she said.

“He was an only child, and he didn’t have any kids, so therefore I will never be a grandmother.”The last time she saw him, the weekend before his death, they talked about what he wanted to do on his release date.

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He recalled a case where the killer sharpened the small metal rod used to push a sink stopper up and down, then used that as a murder weapon.“Violence, serious violence, is almost a daily occurrence,” he said.

“If people really understood what it was like being in prison, that ought to give them a real good incentive not to go.”Boone said her son never mentioned trouble with other inmates at the prison.

There were six homicides in all Florida prisons in 2015, and four in 2016, according Department of Corrections records.

The highest number of killings since 2000 came in 2014, when there were 12 homicides in the state’s correctional institutions.

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