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So reading only the dialogues, given no other indication of space or time, I could see that the dialogue was like pin ball, ching ching ching.Then there was this sentence, “Life is different when you live it in the moment and when you have to peel it afterwards.”Yes, and that’s why I could only think of that scene in still shots.

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And that is because I had written some sentences and called that scene “La chambre bleue.” It was the last scene of the film where, after love, there is this moment of tenderness.

She takes care of him and his sleep, trying to not to make too much noise with the door and shutting the curtains— and he forgot about that normal kind of attention and is moved by her taking care of him.

There’s a distinct manic energy that emanates from inside the French actor and pours into the myriad characters he takes on .

Whether he’s continuing his career-long collaboration with Arnaud Desplechin, appearing in roles for Wes Anderson, starring in films from icons like Roman Polanski and Alain Resnais, or playing a Bond villain, Amalric’s presence wraps you in a giddy pleasure, as you admire his ability to be completely devoured by a role while still carrying the spark that makes him so fascinating.

This year alone, we’ve seen him in Polanski’s Venus in Fur, Desplechin’s Jimmy P, Anderson’s Grand Budapest follows Julien and Esther, an adulterous man and a married woman whose torrid affair takes place in the blue room of a country hotel.

Possessed by her love for him and her belief that he shares her plans for a future together, her desire turns to madness, as his life slowly becomes unraveled in her wake.So it’s funny, I never thought about doing a film with that book, but the day I bumped into Paul in the street he said, “You have to shoot something now in three weeks.” So I looked for small books because three weeks is not much time, and I started again.It was in a moment of my life where it just seemed obvious.Of course you try to forget that because it’s dangerous for everyday life, we have to forget that everyday.Fortunately we love our job, we’re parents, we’re sons and have responsibilities so life can continue.are also available, but I will only recommend them if you have got a good phone, Apple or Samsung, otherwise for simple mobiles these shorter, low quality clips are fine," a young boy, probably in his late teens or early twenties, told us.

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