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I was on Ok Cupid, I saw that someone had viewed my profile and curious, I clicked on his.We live in the same town, he’s slightly older than I am, he’s a teacher, and we share several common interests.

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On the one hand, it’s super-easy to look for a potential date: a basic search will likely give you a list of dozens, if not hundreds, of people in your town who are also looking for a date.

You can narrow your search to focus on those qualities most important to you, maybe . It’s not likely that I would get along well with someone who thinks they are minions of evil.

I imagine that a lot of us are wondering why it’s so hard when we’re partially to blame.

I know I am — I caught myself doing it the other day.

So, yes, this is part of my search criteria.) It’s relatively easy to highlight your interests and what you’re looking for in the About Me sections that all of the sites invariably have; you just have to know what’s important to you and, hopefully, how to convey it well!

(More on this later) The downside of this is that it’s also super-easy to look at someone’s profile, see that their idea of a fantastic Friday night is playing Dungeons & Dragons, and move on to the next profile.

I really liked what he wrote in his About Me section.

Based on how we answered the same questions, Ok Cupid ranks us 89% Match, 80% Friends, 10% Enemy. And then I clicked on the questions portion of his profile to see where we differed.

As the holidays signal the end of the year, I am finding that these holy days I have been experiencing bring a lot of endings. This blog post, dear readers, is my last time posting here at Girl’s Night In as a regular blogger. Let the next things, for all of us, begin and be great!

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