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There are 3 types of SMS you got 1: from Mobile number (1234567899) 2: from Alphanumeric (DM-541008) 3: from Alphabetic Only (VM-PANDA) MIUI 7 not able to block 3rd case (Alphabetic Only).

If you get an SMS from (Alphabetic Only) than you can't block that. Nowadays, I do not get the spam messages in my messages folder, it goes directly to the Spam folder.

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Conversely, the opposed group does not necessarily define itself in relationship to the adversarial group.

Jews and evolutionists would generally prefer that Nazis and creationists leave them alone.

And of course, you can call it from the commandline whenever you make changes to the static list.

The static list is a simple text file, as in the sample blocklist.static.

Frozen out a bully who acted like a wasp in your hair?

Rejected a stalker who can’t stop asking to sniff your socks?

There is one circumstance where community migration is not feasible- when the community is opposed by an adversarial group.

An adversarial group defines itself as the opponent of another group.

To assert their identity as an adversarial group, the adversarial group argues with the opposed group.

The relationship between the adversarial and opposed group is inherently parasitical.

Blank and comment lines are ignored; others should have one or more whitespace-delimited fields as follows: Currently, I am not aware of any bugs in this script.

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