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Daphne's friends also trivialize and mock her relationship with an Asian man.

Will the couple be able to overcome their differences and stay together?

Although the relationship between Linguerre and Toko is not central to the story, Toko is a watchful, silent presence throughout the film.

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In Steve Wang's buddy flick/road movie, innocent bystander Kadeem Hardison and fleeing fugitive Mark Dacascos are forced to endure each other's company as they dodge villains together.

But their unwilling partnership eventually develops into an uneasy alliance. This 2009 film by Aaron Woolfolk tells the story of Daniel Holder, a black American man whose estranged son had moved to Japan.

This 2007 action film stars Jamie Foxx as a FBI special agent sent to Saudi Arabia on a mission . Sammo Hung and Arsenio Hall star in this CBS TV series about the adventures of an African American cop and his Chinese exchange partner from the Shanghai police department. Key supporting characters are The Oracle, an elderly black woman, and Seraph, an East Asian man.

There, he forms a professional relationship with Saudi counter-terrorism expert General Faris Al Ghazi (Ashraf Barhom). Gloria Foster and Mary Alice play The Oracle, and Taiwanese martial artist Collin Chou plays her bodyguard, Seraph. A documentary film about the soccer match between Bhutan and Montserrat, the two lowest-ranked teams in the world.

But as the gang wars turn deadlier and the body count rises, Kitano's most enduring bond turns out to be not with his brother, but with his brother's buddy, played by Omar Epps.

Jet Li and DMX co-star in action film about a Taiwanese intelligence agent and an American diamond robber who become unlikely allies when the robber's daughter is kidnapped by a gangster who wants to get his hands on valuable black diamonds.When Mr Holder's son is killed in a traffic accident, he travels to Japan to retrieve his son's belongings, and inadvertently discovers his son's Blasian family.In this Senegalese film directed by Djibril Diop Mambety, a wealthy woman Linguerre visits her home village to take revenge on a former lover who betrayed her decades ago.Linguerre, forced into a life of hardship and prostitution by her lover's lies, had traveled the globe and become fabulously rich.She returns home to her impoverished rural village accompanied by Toko, her Japanese chauffeur and bodyguard.In "The Red's Shoes", Season 8 Episode 18 of the TV series Diagnosis Murder, the female lead Amanda (played by Victoria Rowell, who also wrote the story), meets Chang Teh, a handsome, talented dancer from China. An attraction blossoms between Chang and Amanda, and Amanda offers to marry Chang when his application for asylum is denied.

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