Bind updating serial number for zones

The log should contain enough information to identify the cause.

bind updating serial number for zones-21bind updating serial number for zones-78

It will not then be able to start serving the zone again until it has performed a zone transfer, and if the master is unavailable for any reason then the period of downtime could be substantial.

There are two ways to control when zone transfers take place: The latter method is preferred as it is both quicker and more efficient.

Typical practice is to have one master, and one or two slaves which take their zone data from that master.

These instructions describe how to configure the slaves.

The master needs to know which nameservers to notify.

By default it notifies the ones that have By default BIND allows zone transfers from anywhere.BIND sends notifications by default, however it is good practice to enable them explicitly if they are an important part of the configuration.This can be done for individual zones: The setting for a zone takes precedence, therefore if you use the latter method then you should check that it has not been overridden.I've a BIND9 server with a lot of zones and I need to increase the serial number of the zone files by one.Some zones are using the YYYYMMDDXX format but other zones just increase it by one, as they are dynamic DNS zones, so updating all by one would do the job for me. I tried with Since the bind zone format is pretty flexible any simple text manipulation tools might be a bit dangerous.In this particular case it has been incorrectly configured to write the zone file to .

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