Best way to end dating someone

[Read: 9 stages in a relationship all couples go through] #2 Remember the reasons.

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You: There’s something I’ve wanted to talk about for a while, but I just didn’t know how to bring it up. You: I’m sorry, but I don’t think I’m very happy with the way things are going in our relationship. Perhaps we’re perfect individuals but not really perfect for each other. Both of us are obviously not happy in this relationship even though we love each other…

[Read: Why is getting over a breakup is a lot easier if you break up first? The breakup conversation tip mentioned in the earlier step would definitely help, but it’s not enough.

It will give you the strength to stick with your decision even if a few days pass since your last argument. Call your partner and tell them you need to talk about something important.

Don’t elaborate on what the discussion is about, but make it clear that you want to talk about the relationship.

At times, it may just be a phase or a misunderstanding that created all the differences.

Before you seriously consider ending the relationship, give it some time to see if both of you can better your relationship and make it work first.There’s another easier way too, and this is actually the most common way to break up.You purposely bring up a touchy subject while you’re on the phone, and wait for your partner to lose their lid.[Confession: An ex’s shocking revenge story] #5 The breakup conversation. These constant conflicts are actually making both our lives painful and miserable.If you don’t know how to break up with someone you love, you can use the first few lines of this conversation, and the rest will follow… Maybe there’s no way forward here and we just have to accept it. You: I think it would be best if we go our separate ways.And somewhere in the conversation, you fake genuine enlightenment and tell you partner that this can’t go on, because both of you are so different.

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