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“To me, he’s a hero, a pioneer, and he’s troubled—he’s got a major problem.

He has to hide part of his life to make it in the fashion business.

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Audiences who see this latest version will notice that while Urie’s depiction of Gernreich is at times caustic and comical, it’s a considerable cry from his reliably campy turn as Marc.

Set in 1950s Los Angeles, is the true story of gay Communist activist Harry Hay (played by Thomas Jay Ryan) and his Jewish, Viennese lover, Gernreich, the costume designer who would later become famous for his topless swimsuit and would grace the cover of in 1967.

Ferrera said, by 2016, Betty would be returning to New York after six years in London to find that sister Hilda has had another baby and opened a salon, while Indelicato thought Justin would be finishing fashion school.

(No word on if he’s still still dating high school love Austin.) Though it was only a few years ago, the show was trailblazing in many regards—a mainstream network series with a Latino family at its core was practically unheard of, as was one with a smart, successful trans woman and a flamboyant (and happy) gay teen.

Vanessa Williams gets a chance to vamp as the conniving, power-hungry rival for the company, and Gina Gershon offers a wonderful parody -- or is it? The Beautiful People -- and the less-than-perfect who also inhabit their world, however under-appreciated -- are here in force.

Few actors get the chance to play two memorable gay fashionistas in the same lifetime. But that’s exactly what Michael Urie did last spring and summer, when he found himself dashing from the set of , where he portrayed Rudi Gernreich, the iconoclastic designer who before folding himself firmly into the closet helped establish one of the first gay rights groups in U. history.“I’m not fashionable,” Urie admits, hunched over a cup of coffee at a table in one of his favorite Manhattan brunch spots, just blocks away from his Hell’s Kitchen apartment.

Urie had been doing readings of ), well before he landed the prime-time role that put him on the map.

When Marans resurfaced to recruit Urie for the showcase of the play in New York City’s Studio Theatre last April, Urie says he was hardly reluctant.

But in many ways it’s a fascinating story that paved the way.

It’s .”Taking its name from an early euphemism for gay men, the play not only delivers an enlightening, poignant lesson on gay proto-activism, it also reveals another side of Urie, who nimbly renders Gernreich as the conflicted, driven professional he was.

It wasn’t like he pretended, but he never came out.” Some would argue that Urie has done some hiding of his own.

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