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But VW officials insist that the VW Phaeton’s ‘physics’ should have been able to handle the speed of Haider’s alleged acceleration as he maneuvered the car around the curve just prior to the “crash.” Regarding the alleged “drunken state” of Haider at the time of the accident, Haider’s colleagues at the intoxicated.

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vis a vis the thousands of Israeli embassies, consulates, and missions throughout the world.

One such Israeli embassy is located in Vienna Austria, 200 kms from Klagenfurt, where Jorg Haider was “killed in a car crash” while on his way to celebrate his mother’s 90th birthday on October 11 2008. Only 16 days before Haider’s “car crash,” he openly spoke out against the “criminal elite Zionist bankers.” (The ADL kept an active file on “Jorg Haider.”) Four days after Haider’s speech against the Zionist bankers, the had won 29% of the votes in Austria’s September 29 2008 election results for seats on the Austrian parliament.

The meeting point is 40 square meters and is involved in the gallery.

For celebrations the hotel has own winecellar with a very original atmosphere.

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