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The composition is made up of five vertical columns that hold up a central capstone which is a towering 19 feet tall.

Each of them is engraved with ten guidelines in twelve different languages: eight modern and four ancient.

Beyond the rides are a rope course and a four-story barn space.

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The city’s downtown is a historical site in its own right, with several Civil War monuments along its pedestrian Riverwalk.

However, more formal history tours can be found at the 6th Cavalry Museum, the Cravens House, or the Chickamauga Civil War Battlefield.

Originally a project to control the flooding of the river and provide water for the city of Atlanta, today the lake is a recreational center where lovers of the outdoors can enjoy swimming, boating, and water sports.

Several parks are located just off the lake, and there are also a number of forest hiking trails nearby.

Athens, GA is the home of the University of Georgia as well as a thriving indie music scene.

The city has a number of historical buildings with typical Southern architecture in addition to several 18th-century house museums open for touring.

For another taste of Southern big cities, Nashville and Birmingham provide different perspectives on urban centers in the region.

Regardless of where one goes on a day trip outside Atlanta, the immediate vicinity will certainly not disappoint.

The city was founded in 1871 and quickly began to develop thanks to the fact that it was home to significant limestone, iron, and coal resources, all of which are necessary for the production of steel.

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