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We are committed to helping you find the perfect match, no matter where in the world they may be.As a premier dating site, we successfully bring together singles from around the world.Natalie’s video is fair and balanced in terms of giving voices to a diverse set of viewpoints by Asian men on this topic, including JT Tran (the Asian dating coach), Phil Wang of Wong Fu Productions (who made a pair of viral videos about WMAF), and the anonymous Redditor “Eurasian Tiger.” The inclusion of Eurasian Tiger is particularly impressive, given the controversial reputation he has online; he is a hapa male who has long highlighted the existence of extremely toxic WMAF households where Asian-passing sons are victimized by their own family dynamics (his own father was a neo-Nazi).

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This asymmetry is brought up by each of her male interviewees, as well as most of the women — matchmaker Katie Chen, and Dr. In each case, the assumption is that WMAF is normal and a healthy indication of the acceptance of Asian women by white society, whereas Asian men are unfairly sidelined by social bias. Park makes reference to a history of colonialism and the emasculation of male subjects, Katie talks about the de-humanization of Asian male faces, and JT Tran talks about the internalized racism that Asian men face from their own female relatives.

In short, the aberration in their view is not that Asian women are marrying out at such a high percentage (currently about 36% in the US), but rather that Asian men are not (currently about 21% in the US). Pew Institute’s recent study on intermarriage in the United States noted that Asian outmarriage rates are higher than all other major ethnic groups.

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(And yes, someone as fit and healthy as Serena Williams has body shamers because she’s educating people in the process.

Natalie Tran has almost two million subscribers on her You Tube channel, and she noticed over the years that there have been a number of disturbing comments revolving around the same thing: her being an Asian woman in a relationship with a white man.

Natalie explains that it’s not just the comments, but includes interviews with interracial couples, matchmakers, and experts. Jane Park, senior lecturer at the University of Sydney, says it’s important to acknowledge the role history plays in how Asian men are perceived — often as asexual and emasculated — while stereotypes of Asian women as docile, hyper-sexualized creatures have problematically dominated the cultural commons.

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