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Now let me just get down to all the dirty medicine TEA!

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Chile you have so many other things to worry about and one of those is finding a better hairstylist, a dentist, and a doctor to perform some lipsuction.

I mean she wants to spend all this money and she knows her husband is trying to do another business venture. Simone, They are boring bootz and I can already seeing them being replaced for next season. But next week is going to be very interesting with Mariah and Toya fighting.

The entire cast minus Mariah have recently returned from a trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains that was filmed for the show.

Supposedly the cast asked that Mariah not be allowed to attend.

Production, having their own issues with Mariah gladly obliged them.

Chile it looks as if Married To Medicine was a prescription for disaster and someone’s “Gay Husband” wrote it. There is so much tea, so many details, so many lies, so many eye witness incidents that have yet to hit the forefront.

The TV and these Cameras will make your friends go away.

Well, as much as it saddens me to report this, Quadd Lunceford and Mariah Huq are no longer friends, following season 1 of Married to Medicine.

It’s been reported that non of the cast is really featuring Mariah.

The former television producer who once boasted about being the creative genius behind Married to Medicine seems to be losing control of what she has previously refereed to as “her show”.

Chile Mariah slayed her on national TV, I loved it.

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