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In the media he was often depicted as the "boss of bosses" – although such a position does not exist in the loose structure of Cosa Nostra.He was the archetype of the paternalistic "man of honour" of a rural Mafia that disappeared in the 1960s and 1970s.Vizzini stood trial with the rest of the band for "association to commit a crime" – but he was one of the few to be acquitted. In 1908 Vizzini was able to acquire a substantial part of the Belici estate when he brokered a deal between the owner, the duke Francesco Thomas de Barberin who resided in Paris, and the local rural bank Cassa Rurale, whose president, the priest Scarlata, was Vizzini’s uncle.

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By 1914, at the outbreak of World War I, Vizzini was the undisputed head of the Mafia in Villalba.

The war provided the mafiosi with new opportunities for self-enrichment when the Italian Army requisitioned horses and mules in Sicily for the cavalry and artillery.

To get the grain safely to the mills over roads infested by bandits was no easy task.

Varsallona, an alleged "man of honour", also supplied manpower to noble landowners to repress farmers' revolts.

In those days a mafioso was seen by some as a social intermediary and a man standing for order and peace.

In the first stage of his career he used violence to establish his position, but in the second phase he limited recourse to violence, turned to principally legal sources of income, and exercised his power in an open and legitimate manner.

It started as a form of private protection and has little to do with large estates as was the case in many other rural areas where many mafiosi started as caretakers and lease-holders (gabelloto or bailiff) for absentee landlords.

In the 1890s some people – including the young Calogero Vizzini – decided to do something about the absence of peace and security in the countryside.

Mafiosi that did not tolerate any competition controlled the mills.

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