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He has made guest appearances in several TV series.Annie is a smart mother who is balancing her career as well as her personal bio.She currently appears on TV series alongside Rhenzy Feliz, Lyrica Orkano, Virginia Gardener and other stars.

Louis, Missouri of United States and the active years of Annie working into the Hollywood started from the year 2002 as an actress into this industry.

Annie within her character in FBI special agent Renee Walker is one of the remarkable progressives exclusively within 24.

I was an only child growing up, and my father passed away when I was twelve, so for most of my life, it was just me and my momma. Learning to live in the world without her has been incredibly hard. Later, she started getting roles on such shows like Charmed, Killer Instinct, Supernatural and Cold Case.

At first, it didn't make any sense - how to do it, to live without her - but you slowly get somewhat used to it.. She played the role of Amelia Joffe which was broadcasted by the ABC Daytime from March to November 2007.

Annie Wersching, an American actress, is best known for role as FBI Special Agent Renee Walker in the American television series 24.

She has appeared in numerous TV movies, short films and TV series including General Hospital, NCIS, Code Black and Timeless.She currently appears on TV series Runways alongside Rhenzy Feliz, Lyrica Orkano, Virginia Gardener and other stars. She is married to actor/comedian Stephen Full since 2009.The duo got married in September 2009 after dating for few years. Annie gave birth to their first son on August 8, 2010, and second on 4 August 2013.There were rumors when her character on the series 24 was to die, she had begged the makers not to do so.But later in an interview, she confirmed that she was feeling sad about her part but she did not beg. Her natural hair color is light brown and eye color is hazel blue.Annie mother was a banker and her father was a doctor.

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